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Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Desboro Tire Sales is a nitrogen inflation provider serving Desboro, Chesley, Port Elgin, and surrounding areas. We offer nitrogen tire fills for all types of tires including passenger car, farm tractor, and commercial fleet vehicles. If you already drive with nitrogen filled tires or are thinking about switching from air to nitrogen, visit our service center or contact us today.

What is Nitrogen Inflation?

All air-filled tires already have nitrogen in them. That's because air is roughly 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other gasses. Nitrogen inflation is a service that increases the amount of nitrogen in your tires. It's recommended by the Get Nitrogen Institute that nitrogen purity levels be increased to 93.4% or, if you have a recommended pressure of 100 psi or more, 98% nitrogen.

Why Choose Nitrogen?

Tire Pressure Levels: Nitrogen tires reduce tire pressure loss by around 1/3 compared to air-filled tires. You'll still want to check your tire psi levels regularly and especially in the fall and winter months, but this can be a benefit to motorists who have a tendency to forget tire pressure checks.

Reduce Risk of Corrosion: Nitrogen tires don't have as much oxygen present, decreasing the risk of corrosion or oxidation. It's important to remember that atmospheric forces will still push moisture and oxygen into the rubber, but the reduced risk of corrosion on steel components or wheels can be especially beneficial for motorists who don't drive often and want to decrease tire wear or motorists with radial tires that have a recommended life of 60k to 80k.

Maintain More Consistent Tire Pressure: Racing and sports events where tire consistency is important benefit from nitrogen. This is because nitrogen does better than air in the operating temperatures present during track racing and higher performance events.

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